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"Never explain yourself. Your friends don't need it, your enemies won't belive it."

True story :]

2010. december 3., péntek


I can't wait to go to Mexico. I hate winter!

I should write homework, but of course i rather surf on the internet :D

Currently listening : Esmée Denters : Outta Here

Sooo, im so bored of Lookbook lately, im bored of looking at BORING looks! hahha so here is my disaster list for today!

Ok, Frida whoever. Looks like my grandma, all the time :) Slow down young lady!
But the worst are these Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Black tights and shoes with something neutral, with an enormous pair of shoes, perfect way to look like a tramp :) Succeed!

Little dear Nr.2. She is the greyest mous I've ever seen! Just prooves that Lookbook is full with the tasteless "crowd", its not a real fashionista site anymore. This makes me ..... snoooooooooore... Wake me up when winter ends!

Which one of you goes out
in lace tights in -5 degrees?
Anyway, got daddies sweater?
Better not, besides that hat is so 2005...
And Martens.. the TOTAL DISASTER. Martens is for annoying little teenager rock chicks, i wore them, i grew up! Do that if you don't wanna look like a dirtbag.
 And the most disgusting shoes again.. How can you ruin such a GORGEOUS!!! dress with those tights and platforms? Looks like a hors pretty much... Sad.

Im not a fan of colors anyway, and you probably recognized THE SHOES again, but the striped socks are just cherry on top :D
This is simply the case when you follow trends without thinking. Or looking in the mirror.
PS.If you don't agree, go on Lookbook and kiss ass there, but im not interested in arguments on my blog!

Mesh :)

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