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"Never explain yourself. Your friends don't need it, your enemies won't belive it."

True story :]

2011. november 15., kedd

Depression is my new best friend

Yeah, broken up, had surgery, skipped school, unemployed.
What else I need?
I really hit the bottom, and i just realized i have this blog, and that i have nothing to say, and my older posts just made me CRY MY HEART OUT.
Shoot me.

Current fav song: Adele: Set fire in the rain

2011. február 14., hétfő


Don't forget to tell "I love you" to the ones who matter,
even if you are alone.

I miss my Bu so much. Wish continents wouldn't exist, wish the ocean wasn't between us.
I wish you were here.

We might not see each other very often, but we spend quality time together for sure.
We are dorks, we are parents of this sweet dog, we are best friends and lovers.
These are some memories we shared.


Thats how we feel together :)

2011. február 8., kedd

More MEX

Here is more of my holiday in Mexico, hope you enjoy!

I know I'm not very inspiring, but these were my fav doughnuts :)

Ciao Amigas!

Here we go again!

Uhh, so I've spent a lot of time looking at blogs and saving some gorgeous pictures (for my taste), and now Im finally sharing them with you guys!
Also wanna thank you for the comments, and im glad you liked my bf , who is probably getting a puppy soon! Im dying to be there with him :( But I got a thesus to write lol
How is school for everyone? We just started the semester today, and I had a fun class called "Film induced tourism". Last semester, here we go!

Tell me how you prefer the pictures, original size like here, or all the same size like in the older posts?
Thanks for watching :)
Get ready for more Mexico!

Xoxo, Emese