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True story :]

2010. november 26., péntek

Viva winter, Mexico here i come!

Damn this blog! I should work on my essays (8 of those exactly), so i will write here instead.

I seriousyl can't wait till the end of this semester, im out of work and school and doctors and shit.. 2010 is not my year!
But, finally i got my ticket to paradise! Im leaving to Mexico on the 8th of December, and hopefully i will fix things and have a lovely time with my boyfriend, and celebrate the 4th anniversary in a big fat pink cloud :)
This time i will stay for a whole month, and i stay till the 9th of january, so New Years Evening will be a blast in my plans! Mexicans really know how to celebrate, besides Acapulco has a much friendlier weather to party on the streets hehehe Jealous huh? I know, lucky bitch  >.<
Stay in touch, because im planning to keep you guys updated of the fun i have in the other side of the world.

Btw, i got the dream boots i wanted (older post) from Promod, and since november had such a pleasant weather i was wearing them all the time!
Today i went to the library at Buda Castle and the streets are made of fucking cobble, and i can tell you that it's a nightmare to walk in high heels on those! Damn it was really awkward plus dangerous. Tomorrow im wearing sneakers...
I love libraries in general and the National Széchényi Library is one of the prettiest ones, FROM THE OUTSIDE. Inside its a socialist design with some marble, totally depressing! Quite empty, only a couple of losers circling around :(
I wish i had a notebook. Anyone feels sorry for me? I will share my address send me one ;)
Although i spent all my money on the flight, so im not sure i wouldn't sell it and buy clothes.

Anyway! Here are some outfits makes me wanna shop even more when i can't and outfits i will sure NOT see in that library tomorrow!
Have a good weekend Everyone ;)

Oh Olivia, i don't care how you behave 
as long as you stay chick^^
Isn't this bracelet gorgeous?
This russian designer is a genious <3

Honestly i hate geek glasses!
But the sweater+skinnies+boots are cute :)

Fake fur for my taste only!
Looks so warm and cosy... mmm

Ps: I have to find out soon how to design a blog LOL

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