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"Never explain yourself. Your friends don't need it, your enemies won't belive it."

True story :]

2010. augusztus 13., péntek

Later that day..

Oh well, oh well..
Since i couldn't make it to capoeira I just walked my Bunnybear :)
It's not even 9pm and im so tired, well, i had a long day.
Third day spent at work doing my compulsory practice for school, but it's awesome to have work honestly.

Im just gonna upload some inspiration since im too tired to do anything else :)
Noone is reading anyways hahaha
Have a good friday night everyone!

This striped dress is to die for!

MK - love her scarf!

I hate skulls, but i love navy, red-blue-white-gold always cath my eyes!

Im not falling for the sunnies, but she got the style for sure :)

Im looking for a dress cut at the back like this, i love them!

Lovely Jimmy Choo

Some of them are from lookbook, candids or from other blogs.

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