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"Never explain yourself. Your friends don't need it, your enemies won't belive it."

True story :]

2010. december 5., vasárnap


So as always, i should be studying, instead im just looking at wonderful pictures on different blogs.
And since im very narcist (sometimes lol) i was just looking in the mirror and looking at my hair :)
Ok, just to explain that before you call me cocky, it is my strength, cuz i have a natural haircolor everyone loves, and 2years ago caused by an unknown sickness i almost lost it. But I haven't! So now i appreciate it even more.
Judge me or not, im in true love with my own hair :D

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Ok, hope everyone has a great sunday, im gonna post some inspiration as well, cuz im leaving to Mexico on wednesday, and im already thinking which clothes to bring and wear there of course! I GOT NOTHING TO WEAR!!!! :D Crisis... But i think my leader character is going to be sexy and innocent, since im visiting my boyfriend, but usually black is my way hahaha we will see.


Sadly there is some stupid error on Blog, so it rejected a couple of pictures I wanted to upload :@

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