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True story :]

2011. január 29., szombat

My beloved Mexico

So, after a month i finally found time to share some pictures of the best thing in 2010, my trip to my Love. And that was also the best way to start the new year!
Millions of animals, heat, fireworks, delicious food, beautiful beaches, and love love love.
Never felt happier than there, I can't wait to go back!

This is the beginning :)
And yes! More "Hatelist" is coming soon!

My suggestion is that if you don't like it, click on "next blog".

2 megjegyzés:

  1. Surround us with light, the light of divine,
    Embrace us with love of perfection so fine.
    Give us the music, so we can dance,
    And chant a song to enter a trance.

    ...thanks!...sweet sugar.

  2. This was beautiful!
    Thank you :)