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"Never explain yourself. Your friends don't need it, your enemies won't belive it."

True story :]

2010. január 29., péntek


I had such a horrible day, had a fight with my bf, took 4tranquilizers and fall asleep for like 2-3hours - that was a good part actually- and than we made an Oreo cake my bf got for his bd, and we are waiting for it to get ready (you just gotta mix the ingredients and put it in the freezer).

Have you ever had a panic attack? Because everytime i get hurt and get stressed im quite fucking close to it. Maybe my head doctor is right and i don't need other medicine for my blood-pressure just some Sanax.
Not too young to get on it? Whatever...
I so wish i was very rich in this moment, because i would go to a sanatorium right now, some massage , chat with a psychologist and aromatherapy would kick me back in life.

Maybe i read about spoilt rich NY girls too much? Sometimes i feel guilty of not reading any proper literature, but i read in english most of the time and that makes me feel emancipated.

My day started in the hospital with an other checkup, but my kidnes are very very fine, and my maxillary sinus is fine too, i don't have to visit every week anymore - if anyone is interested :D


So The Visitor(movie) was great, its a great combination of some sad deporting story with some passionate african-drum music, very enjoyable :)

I keep on wondering about how can other girls stand this cold, i keep on seeing girls wearing skirts and not a lot of clothes from very cold places like sweden or russia, and everytime i have to go out i wear tons of sweaters and tights under my pants, and sometimes my bf's feather coat which makes me look like a huge snowman, and i am still cold.
What's the matter with me? Or just all those people have cars? Or maybe public transport is much better there because we don't even have heating on the buses...

I guess im just way too blue to write anything here which would actually make anyone excited so i will finish here.

Here is a picture we took last week at the castle.

Have fun at friday night!

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