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"Never explain yourself. Your friends don't need it, your enemies won't belive it."

True story :]

2009. december 29., kedd

Where to start?

So, i already started to write once, but i opened an other blog and.. whatever.
It's two days till NYE and i still don't know where im gonna spend it!

Should do my nails now. And get off from lookbook because my eyes starts to hurt.

We had a very good day actually, my mom and my boyfriend who lives with us at the moment, we wanted to go to the Museum of Fine Arts, because there is an awesome exhibition going on, but when we got there we found a humongous line at the entrance, so i decided not to stay. We are gonna buy the tickets online and just walk in the next time. Be smart, im not gonna stand outside for an hour...
Instead we headed to the biggest shopping street in my country (which is ridiculously small) to check out the sales.
On the way we ate in a really cute sandwich bar, they have these small sandwiches in like 20kind, they are all delicious! We drank tee, and when the girl there told it's "kindergarden tee" we loled :) There is that tee they give in kindergardens and hospitals, always tasting the same, lemony and sweet hahaha i love it. It was great.
Then we walked at Vaci street, and i bought a cute t-shirt in Promod, uhh which i forgot in the rinswater so brb!
I will post a look with it for sure sometimes.
Anyway, than my mom suggested to walk to an other street where all the antiquariums are, and since the weather was gorgeous today, we were all glad to walk. The sun was shining , it was beautiful, and im just in love with the Christmas Market, its so cute.
Oh besides when we were there, i heard a girl saying "it looks like the coat from Zara" and i realized she is talkin about my dreamcoat i got for Xmas, so i turned and said "because it is from there" haha the girls were all smiling and she said "its lovely!". It felt so good haha i love this coat, it really is my dream coming true.

So back to the line we went to some Antiquariums, and i just remembered how much i love second hand books, or should i say vintage books? :P
I got a copy of all the tales of Sherlock Holmes haha, it is lovely. Its a really old book, with that very delicate-thin paper, it's in english (not hungarian as my mothertongue). Only wish there was a dedication in it :)

Then we went to a small convenient store, and bought some beer, plus a new brush to my toilet :D how lovely, isn't it?

Than we revarded ourself with cakes, and i got so excited about the marcipan one, but turned out to be too sweet and dry for my taste, i didn't even finish it :( Instead my boyfriend (who was supposed to be against all sweet things) finished it all :D
Argh, isn't it so annoying when you eat something different than usual, and it turnes out to be bad, so you wish you've gone for the other one?
I got so sweet, even thinkin of cakes makes me still sick haha.

I really had a great time, i just love it when my mom is in a good mood too, and the 3of us have fun together.

Tomorrow we go to my brother's, but before: working out!

Oh, when i took my dog to wash him, i found poop on my arm.. wish he could clean himself argh :@ thank god for soap!

Enough for today, except to write more some other time, hopefully something much more exciting , for example about an awesome party at New Years Evening haha i wish!

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  1. szia!!
    olvastam a blogodat, érdekes, és szívesen olvasnám akár minden nap, de sajnos csak egy bejegyzésed van, és képeket is szívesen néznék ^^

  2. Ezt a megjegyzést eltávolította a blog adminisztrátora.

  3. Huuhh hát én meg megint megfáztam, szal már tényleg nagyon elegem van :D amúgy nincsmit ^^

  4. nemertem miert toroltek a commentemet... erdekes, na mindegy, hogy vagy mostanaban? nekem mostanaban van allandoan nathas idoszakom es mar nagyon unom hogy akarhanyszor kimozdulok vegre mert jobban vagyok rogton beteg leszek ujra arggggh
    hogy telik a tavasz? :)